Future of the blog

By now you have noticed the blog has gone quiet and the sports talk has been moved over to my old blog, The Bull Rush, for all of my USF stuff. With that said, it leaves this blog fairly quiet. Sure, I can talk Rays, Magic, etc., but to be honest, it has become more like work than anything. I find my brain being stretched out trying to report and blog stats from several different teams. While I find the USF stuff fun and entertaining, doing reports on the other teams I follow just becomes work. And often I just skip over it because I don’t have the energy dedicated to posting something that is worth a darn. 

So what becomes of this blog? Well, I’ve decided to move over to a new platform. This blog was created at first to be a travel blog and I need to truly get back to that in 2016. But I feel again there just wouldn’t be enough to talk about on the blog. I used to do daily blogs, but I found myself either forgetting to write them (or remembering right before going to bed) or simply not having anything to talk about. Seriously, who wants to read a daily blog where I say I went to work, ate, and went back to bed, not a lot of excitement there. Finally, I feel like I need a fresh start on a fresh platform. This blog has so much old stuff on it, I feel the new stuff would eventually get lost in the shuffle.

So what’s next? I guess I need to sit down and brainstorm and get the new blog rolling. I fell down the rabbit hole of trying to be a sports blog with this blog and do the type of work that the big professionals do and saw no results. I just spent a lot of time, wrote a lot and got nothing back. I mean seriously, I wrote over 100 Rays minor league reports and never saw a single comment. It was a waste of time to be real honest. I love sports, but trying to write like a beat-writer is just not worth it when there are no results.

So I have to figure out what this blog the new blog will be I know it will be some type of hybrid blog. A mixture of travel, some food & drink talk, some hot topics, etc. but I have to figure out its focus or at least it’s niche. So, stay tuned to my twitter about a new blog soon (possibly even by Tuesday night) as I work to reach a new level of blogging and writing.

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