Pardon the dust

I made a decision last night to get serious about my stand alone blog. I have hinted at it time and time again. Started it several times, always walking away with other projects. Well, that late night pep talk as got me motivated to get this thing off the ground. I’ll put together a blog explaining the direction this blog is going, but here is a quick update on the current state of affairs.

The blog had over 1000 posts on it before I ventured away from it. It included tons of Rays, Bucs, Magic, and USF blog posts, but those are all going away (slowly because WordPress is tough to navigate at times when deleting so many old posts). Why you ask? Well, it’s part of the re-birth of this blog as a stand-alone, non-sports blogs. As I said earlier, I will explain its direction soon, but for now, you will see a lot of deleting and changes going on as a I get the blog into shape. It’s complicated and I’ve been wishy-washy from the start with this thing, but it’s a project that takes time to get right, so thanks for listening to my rants.


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