Sports, no more

Work on the blog continues and after a lot of clicking, all of the sports blogs are officially gone! I never realized how swamped this blog became with sports, even while it was still travel based. Over 600 deleted blogs sit in the trash bin and that was after emptying it the other evening. That’s closet to 900+ sports blogs that are now gone forever. This site has been cleansed [kidding, it’s just been cleaned up]. The blog is now a stand alone and won’t ever get bogged down again like that.

So, now what’s next? Well, the clean up continues with the formatting of the page, deleting some older blogs that might still be lingering and then making sure the About page, etc. are all set. Next week I’ll detail what I’ll be ranting about around here and then we can really get going. I’m on the road this holiday weekend, so work might be slowed but that’s OK, I’ve got the motivation to see it done!


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