I wanted to really get the relaunch of this blog started on Monday, but I had to throw this post together today because I had to vent about what has happened over the past few days. 

First are the two shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. I have listened to both sides of each event and think that both men should not have lost their lives. The arguments and debates will go on about race, police, and beyond and I won’t jump into that fray. Both are tragedies and should have been avoided.

But now I turn to the events that unfolded last night as several Dallas police officers were ambushed and lost their lives because of some cowardly attack. It’s just awful that the men and women that protect us everyday were targeted during a peaceful protest. The details of the attack are still coming out but right now, the nation is hurting once again.

I honestly can’t put the words together to equally vent how I feel on all three incidents that have happened just days after each other. I know they are separate events, each has its own story, but it’s all being thrown around together in my mind. I am sad, angered, disgusted and a whole bunch of emotions that words can’t describe.

America is better than this. Stop killing each other. There is too much hatred out there.


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