Bleach coming to an end soon

So the Bleach manga that was released last week (chapter 681) and just a few weeks ago the release stated that the series would finally be coming to an end, but the number of chapters before the end was not released. As a Youtube Bleach Reviewer, Tekking 101, points out, the release in Japan stated that volume 74 would be the last and if the number of chapters follows the typical release, we maybe have about a month left in the entire series. I’ve been following this series for a long time, have read every chapter and have watched the episodes even going through the awful filler seasons they unleashed on the fans. Tite Kubo, the author for the series, has been writing for the series, and now after a decade, we are nearing an end.

The series has a lot of plot holes that need to be addressed and if the 5 chapters or so is the realistic number we are facing, we won’t get a lot of answers. I am not sure how this series that I love will end, but man, it will be interesting none the less. I hope it comes to a solid end and we get a great inning and nothing bad at the end.

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