Pokemon Go craze

This is the Pokemon I grew up with.

OK, the Pokemon Go crazy is everywhere you turn these days. People are roaming around parks, sidewalks, buildings, and beyond glued to their smart phones as they catch and battle digital Pokemon. As someone who grew up in the 90s, I just can get into this craze and remember the old days and the original Pokemon that I grew up with. 

In the 90s and early 2000s, Pokemon for my generation was all about the card game (holographic Charizard was pure magic), the Game Boy games (Red, Blue, and even Yellow), the TV show (Brock never opened his eyes), and eventually the N64 with Pokemon Snap and Coliseum. I remember spending endless hours, burning through double A batteries and being so excited to beat the Elite 4. Those are some great memories to recall and now the new generation is playing this crazy new game that appears to be all over the place.

Seriously, people have actually been robbed after foolishly falling for traps set by real criminals because of this game. Folks are crowding Central Park in New York and even theme parks and national monuments have had to issue warnings to fans playing the game at their locations. Nintendo Stock has even shot up by $7 billion or so over the past few days, showing the popularity of the game.

I’m sure this game will die out at some point, like most games/apps do, but my goodness, I never thought a childhood series that I loved so dearly, but suddenly become a gaming/internet trend that has spread like wildfire.


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