Two-Fold Goal for the Blog

There are two sides to the reason for this blog. One is the bigger plan while the other is just there for personal reasons. Allow me to explain both.

The first is something I have always wanted I have started blogging, a stand alone site that has nothing to do with sport. I have a goal that this blog will stay diverse and will cover a ton of areas. I am staying dedicated to that idea and will make sure this blog is diverse and entertaining. Again, it will be serious at times and will cover some heavy and possibly controversial topics (Trump anyone?). At other times it will cover more fun and enjoyable topics like The Walking Dead for a random example (seriously, WHO DID NEGAN KILL!). That is the goal of this blog and the direction of my writing and that is how things will go here.

As for the second part, I just want to reach as many viewers as I can. Sounds centered and should not be a primary focus, but it will be something that I will be monitoring. If I see articles pertaining to a certain topic, I will spend more energy on them as opposed to a topic that is getting negative or no traffic whatsoever. Pretty simple, right? At the end of the day, bloggers want to see results right next to be able to talk about anything they want with the world. It’s simple enough and will be a goal for this relaunched blog.


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