Scary stuff

I’ve tried to stay out of politics, but watching what is happening with the RNC (and the entire race in general) over the first day and what will surely come the rest of the week, we are facing some really scary times when it comes to this election. 

Where do I even start? It’s been exhausting keeping up with all of the debates, lies, stupidity, and insanity that has already happened and we aren’t even at the election itself.

Let’s start with the Democrats and Hillary. Everything about her has been Benghazi, email servers, and the pet names Trump has labeled her with. I will admit, Hillary is a little scary but despite all the accusations that have been thrown at her, she has come through it all. She was cleared for Benghazi (can’t disagree mistakes were made) after several Republican led committee reviews that never uncovered any new information and wasted millions of dollars of tax payer money. The email server situation, which again was stupid of her, was cleared by the FBI and Attorney General (FBI director who the GOP nominated) (Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice had private email servers too but we tend to forget that part). She isn’t my first choice and I understand all the baggage that follows her is a bit shaky for many people, but looking across at the other party, things are even worse.

Trump has been a quite the media circus since the start. The long list of lies, bigotry, hatred, etc. are far too long to list and now after the first day of the RNC, things have gotten even stranger. Melania, his wife, had an “interesting” speech and the spectacle just continues. Trump has a lot of followers, many of which are just going with him because they are anti-Hillary, which is pretty scary to think. Just listen to the man, listen to all the the reports on his lies, mistakes, and insane ideas (the wall is flat out insane), and you get a scary candidate that people seemingly are following blindly. When you break down the candidate, he isn’t that great of a choice and just doesn’t seem fit for office.

I’m not sure voting for either candidate is best. What we do have are two polarizing candidates that are pushing this nation to either side of the room and there is no middle ground where I stand. The two party system has been an issue for a while and now it has led to this scary mess we are witnessing every day. These are some scary times when it comes to the future of this country no matter who gets voted in.


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