The Two Party System

I hate to get into politics, but after talking with a few friends about what is on the news these days with debate season in full swing, I wanted to vent again. This time, its on the political parties in this country, the Republicans and Democrats. 

The two party system has been running this country for a very long time. There are other political parties out there, ranging from the Tea party to the Green party and various others ones, but let’s be honest, there are only two big boys on the block, the Democrats and Republicans. This is where I have my issues.

This two party thing goes back to 1789 when George Washington was named President for the newly formed United States. In his last term, two parties were formed. Alexander Hamilton formed the Federalist party in 1791 and it was opposed by Thomas Jefferson who formed the Anti-Federalist (Democratic Republicans) party. Hamilton wanted more government and Jefferson wanted less. Sound familiar? Well, it’s where it started, but as it began, Washington had some words of warning for the two parties and for those that joined the groups.

Washington warned that people would generally takes sides on topics and the parties would naturally form. He also warned that the political parties would allow people to take power of the government, subvert the power of the people in general for their own gains, causing turmoil in their wake. He also warned that parties would divide a nation (Washington Post). This was back in the 1700s and he was spot on.

Just turn on the TV today and what do you see. You will see two political parties attacking each other, each one going out of their way to explain why the country is so bad off because of the other and how they will fix it. Yet, they never seem to do. Things always remain the way they are, even getting a little worse, and then we get the next election with even more anger on each side of the spectrum while the American voice is left out of the fray. It’s all big politics, big parties, and big money.

The two party system is so flawed to me. Both sides have valid views on certain topics. The Democrats have good views on certain topics and so do the Republicans. But the sides also have awful ideas on other topics. Being in one party means you have to view the world through their eyes and don’t have the freedom to have controversial ideas that would go against the party’s views. Is there a Republican that wants stricter gun control? Probably not. Or a Democrat that wants to give some big breaks to corporate companies? Haven’t seen it really.

To me, pigeon holing yourself into one party is just silly. You may have a lot of ideals that follow one party, but are they your personal ideas or the party’s ideals that you just inherit? Can’t a person have ideas that cover both parties? You know, moderate?

Think about it this way. Say you have a super educated person that is not tied to either party. They have solid solutions on multiple topics but don’t conform to either party. What would be their chances of getting elected? Probably not great. They wouldn’t, at least at the start, have the funding to campaign hard enough to out-shout the other parties. Isn’t that kind of sad? It’s reasonable that a person could run as a third party, drum up funding via the internet or other means, but the other two parties would just flex their super PACs and try to drown them out. Some might just resort to calling them dummies on twitter like some currently do.

Do you see what I’m trying to get at? This country rolls like a simple machine with two parties, one beating out the other. Voters are given a choice on election day, but in reality they really only have two choices at the polls. You can vote for the third party member, but chances are no matter how you vote, the two big parties will win. It’s just sad that the voice of the American people can get lost in the shuffle of the two big parties that are doing exactly what Washington said over a hundred years ago.


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