Fear the Walking Dead trailer released


Today at Comic Con in San Diego, the trailer for the second half of the Fear the Walking Dead series was released and oh man, it looks good, real good (the link is above, sorry no image appeared from the AMC site).

So where do we begin? I’m not going to break it all down but the main point is we have 3 different story lines now. Nick by himself, then Chris and Travis, Strand with Alicia, Kim, Ofelia. There is no sign of Daniel in the trailers or Alex from the boats, so it’s unknown if they will appear. Each group has their own journey and storyline along with their own issues to deal with. Nick is with some gang and it appears they have a settlement, Travis and Chris are on the road and Chris is still crazy, and then we have Strand and crew hiding out in a hotel. To be honest, I want to see this hotel part the most between the walkers falling off the roof, the wedding cake, Alicia jumping into the elevator shaft and of course the zombies surrounding the bar (hello Shawn of the Dead moment right there).

Overall, it looks like a lot more action, a ton more zombies, and a bunch of new characters that will help develop the story along with the returning cast. They have said that we should expect more main characters to die, so someone like Ofelia or even Nick could fall but we will have to wait until August 21st when the series returns for the second half.

I hope these two lovely ladies survive the most.


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