Walking Dead season trailer revealed

Here we go folks, the Walking Dead trailer was revealed today as the season draws closer on October 23rd. It’s a big trailer and there is a lot going on, but I just want to talk about a few points that were shown. 

So, the big trailer came out today at the Comic Con in San Diego and there was some good but also some bad. Let’s start with the bad. The cliff hanger that we were left with at the end of last year picks up again and we still have no answer and no regular throughout the trailer. The production team was forced not to show any regulars in this trailer so not to reveal a death of anyone so it made it not as epic as some in the past.

So let’s get to some of the better areas. First we get to see more of Negan, Dwight, and the Saviors. They are insane, have a compound and we get to see them coming to Alexandria. If you read the comics, you know what happens there and what happens to dear Spencer as well (it doesn’t go well, I’ll leave it at that). There is that odd scene with Carol but it looked like a behind the scenes cut of Melissa McBride, but I can assume she is putting on her fake smile again as she is introduced to the most exciting part of the entire intro, King Ezekiel and his pet tiger, Shiva!!

If you have read the comics, you know who Ezekiel is and what Shiva is. If not, get ready for some fun for one of the more unique characters in the series and his society. It is a great sign that they are going with the comic book story more and it means that we will be heading towards a huge conflict later in the series which should be a lot of fun. It will be interesting to see how much they add compared to the comics but we will have to wait and see who Negan takes down first before it all goes down.


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