VCRs no longer being made

This one shows my age, the VCR. I read the report out of Bloomberg Technology the other day that the last Japanese company, Funai Electronics, the last known major company still producing these old devices, will discontinue their production, closing a door on the old school technology. 

The VCR and the VHS were everything back in my childhood and for many others. My family had a large collection of the old classic Disney movies that were contained in those oversized plastic containers and the VCR allowed us to watch the great memories. The VHS was the only way to watch movies and record them and were the main reason for going to Blockbuster (and video game rentals) back in the day, but technology has surpassed them. Today, Blockbusters are the punch lines for jokes (South Park episode is a classic here) and the VHS is a thing of the past.

It’s a sad day really, seeing an old childhood technology go away. We no longer have the VCRs that flashed 12:00 all the time (no one ever knew how to set those things, let’s be honest). It’s just another page in the history books as technology continues to move on.


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