Did we miss the news on North Korea?

While the country has been tuning in (or out) for the RNC and DNC over the past two weeks, it seems the major media networks missed some interesting news out of North Korea. They have pretty much declared war on the United States

North Korea has always been under extreme sanctions because of who they are, but recently the US put their leader, Kim Jong Un, under restrictions, angering the hermit kingdom (even more than usual) and causing them to release these statements.

North Korea has always been rattling their sabers at South Korea and the US for years, pushing the limits of the sanctions and always firing away with the threats. I mean, technically the North and South are still at war since no treaty was ever signed and the two sides are always prepared to go to battle with one another. But this new claim by the North is a little scary, they are straight up declaring war.

Is this new threat something the US will react to? Most likely not but I’m bet they are well aware of the news that North Korea has released again. The US has a lot of military resources in South Korea along with Korea being well trained and equipped (don’t forget about the well trained allies around Asia that will be ready to go at all times). I just find it really interesting that something like this is going under the radar. I guess when the hermit kingdom makes threats so often, it just gets thrown into the pile and cast them all aside.


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