Top 7 Old Cartoons: Number 6

So at number seven I went fairly recent with my choice on the Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. For number six, we are staying in the same era (or close enough). However, this cartoon did follow a more proper story line, but was still funny all the way.

Number 6: Codename: Kids Next Door

From 2002 to 2008, KND was a classic on Cartoon Network and was one of their more creative shows. The story focused around five kids all with given codenames like number one, number two, etc. Their mission was to protect kids around the world against adults and all of the evil rules like brushing your teeth. Sounds goofy, but they made it dramatic with their improvised weapons, the random evil doers that always attacked them, and the interesting “delightful children from down the lane” that was always after them. The kids would use home grown inventions to fight back and had a world wide network of fellow kids that would team up with them.

Seriously, these guys were just creepy.

It was a fun cartoon that followed a plot line, built upon itself over time, and even had some emotion episodes. I recall a series of episodes where the main protagonist, number one, had to work with his dad (usually an enemy) to stop an even plot. It was revealed that his dad had actually been a KND member back in his youth, wrapping the entire story together in a nice package.

Again, it’s not a really old cartoon but that’s OK, it’s still in my generation’s wheelhouse. While old cartoons like The Jetsons are still classics, they weren’t some of my all time favorites. Again, these cartoons came around when I was middle to high school, so they were in that period where any that was stupid funny connected with me.

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