Way All Gods are Born

Just one more issue of Bleach is left (scheduled for August 18th I believe) and there are so many things left unanswered. For one, what happened to Aizen? In chapter 685, titled a Perfect End (which that will never happen), we got a lot of answers on who survived after a time jump, but something about Yhwach’s shadow remained. We had no answer on Aizen or Ichigo, but the sign of the shadow could be where we are headed in the last chapter.

Then there was the special announcement that we are being hyped up for. Is it a spin-off series? A data book? Maybe the anime returns (highly doubt that one), we have no clue. I’m betting that their is a spin-off series of some kind, but it’s so hard to figure out this series down the stretch, I would be prepared for anything, including a last chapter that could end badly if Aizen or Yhwach is still alive. We will have to wait and see.


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