Top 7 Old Cartoons: Number 3

The remake doesn’t even come close to this great cartoon.

OK, this cartoon was canceled back in the day for my generation and has recently has been remade. I must say, after watching the new remake, it doesn’t hold a candle to this classic from back in the day.

#3 Teen Titans

Here we go, the original Teen Titans. From 2003 to 2006, the original Teen Titans was a classic cartoon that balanced a deep storyline, humor, and some great action scenes that had real drama written into them.

Where to start. There were the great characters of Beast Boy, Robin, Cyborg, Star Fire, and Raven, each with their own unique powers and personalities. They were always funny as they worked together not only on the battle field, but as they lived together in their tower. There were a lot of funny moments (and jokes), but what was great in this series was the drama that was put into a children’s cartoon.

For example, one of the best story lines they had in the series was their ongoing battle with their enemy Slade. For a cartoons show, Slade was a super dark enemy that caused all sorts of issues, but his biggest impact was on Robin and the mental battle he played on the young hero. Robin was constantly battling himself, questioning his abilities to fight and lead, meanwhile his plots caused all sorts of issues. I don’t recall an animated show that could develop this kind of villain into an early cartoon.

I have watched a few episodes of the new version of Teen Titans and its just not the same. Its way more cartoony, with nothing but simple jokes, random lines by the characters and awful animation. It just does not compare to this childhood classic.


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