Last issue of Bleach this week

Well, as it was reported two weeks ago, the last chapter of Bleach is this week, Chapter 686. In the last chapter, titled “The Perfect Ending” things seemed too happy in the time jump. Everyone was alive and well, Rukia was the new captain of squad 13, and the title just made it all seem too good to be true. Well, we did see the shadows bubbling up again and Yhwach could be coming back or even Aizen reappearing, so we know it won’t be the perfect ending as titled before, but kind of last chapter are we going to get?

No one knows how well Tite Kubo will wrap up the series. Will we get a perfect ending and wrap up the story? Will he leave it wide open? Well, it could all revolve around this grand announcement we are suppose to get in this final chapter. People are guessing that we get a spin-off series of some kind and the story will go on. I have my doubts the anime would return and would expect that to appear in some kind of broadcast. So if we get the manga continuing into another magazine, I wonder how Bleach 686 will actually close out? Will Ichigo return to Soul Society and the fight continues? What happens if this entire last chapter was just an illusion by Aizen? There is a lot to find out and we will have to wait till Thursday to find out what goes down.


2 thoughts on “Last issue of Bleach this week

  1. Good or bad, I’m gonna stick with Bleach. This is my absolute favorite of the SJW series. Even more than One Piece, Naruto, Death Note and whatever. I don’t care if people don’t like it, this series has always left an impression on me.

  2. Well said. The series doesn’t have the popularity of the bigger ones like Naruto, but for some reason Bleach hits home stronger than the others. I am sad the series is being rushed like it is but hopefully the last chapter will be worth it.

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