Top 7 Animes: Number 7

After going through my top seven old cartoons, I decided to keep top lists thing going but move over to animes, aka Japanese cartoons. This is my top seven list as I go through some of my favorite animes of all time (my top one should be obvious), so let’s get going with number seven, one that not a lot of people may not remember. 

#7 Big O

Who out there remembers this old anime? Running from 1999 to 2000, Big O made its brief debut in the US on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, its late night series. The series ran from 13 episodes in season one (season two debuted in 2013, but I have not watched that part), making it a very short series, but its setting is so unique and stands out from many animes.

Big O is set in a 1960s-70s period and is animated if its in a film noir style, making it really unique. It’s got that old school theme yet being some what modern. The plot is built around the Paradigm City which is one of the few dome cities left after some event happened in the past. The protagonist, Roger Smith, is working to uncover artifacts that will help uncover the past because it seems everyone has amnesia after some great event in the past. Smith, along with his giant robot called Big O, worked along side him, battling it out against constant threats to the city.

It was a short series and it was just so different compared to other series at the time. I mean, DBZ and others were at their prime and Gundam Wing was huge, but this one just has always been in the back of my memories. It’s probably because it is so unique that is makes the list.


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