Bleach is over

Well folks, the final chapter of Bleach, chapter 686, was released today, ending the series. The special announcement was the report that a live action movie would be created by 2018 for the Bleach series (not sure about that), so at this point there is no spin-off series (could always happen though) and the series is over. 

So, what about this final chapter? Well, as we saw in 685, things were wrapped up real nicely for everyone and in this chapter, the same thing has happened. Ichigo married Orihime and they have a son that is also a shinigami. Rukia and Renji married as well and have a daughter that is a combination of the two, so that story continues between the two sides. Ichigo’s sisters are grown up, Sado is a professional boxer, and Uyuru is now a full time doctor like his dad is (we don’t know where he is or Ichigo’s dad are). The slight scare with Yhwach seems to be gone and Aizen is locked back up (not sure how that happened). There is no follow up on Urahara, Yoruichi, the Fullbringers, or anyone of the Espada that helped out. We are left wondering and will never get an answer it appears.

The ending was rushed I feel, in fact the last 10+ chapters have all felt rush. Plot holes have fallen apart, characters have been forgotten, and you just get the feeling Tite Kubo either wanted the series over or his employers told him it was over.

In the end, this is my favorite manga/anime series of all time, so I am sad its over, but am a bit disappointed in how it ended. I’m one of those who wanted Ichigo and Rukia to marry, but the series decided on Orihime instead for the hero. Oh well, can’t have everything right?

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