Fear the Walking Dead Reaction: Episode “Grotesque”

(Image: TVguide.com)

Fear the Walking Dead is back after its break with a new episode named “Grotesque.” The episode focused on Nick’s journey and gave some very interesting backstory on the character as well as a new community. 

If you aren’t a Nick fan (I’m on the edge with him these days) then this episode was not for you. We return to the series with Nick heading North towards Tijuana and he’s having a rough time. He loses what supplies he has after a lady finds him and runs him off out of her abandoned house (seriously, she didn’t have to use the baseball bat that many times). He runs into a bunch of raiders that shoot at him and force him to flee. Then he gets bitten by dogs before resorting to rash methods to find water (it was gross). Nick had a rough time until he ran into Luciana and her group, but that’s the key to this episode.

The biggest moments were the flashbacks for Nick. First is when we learn that his father died in an accident, leaving a void behind for Nick. He cared for his father and was unable to fill that void left behind. This could be why he went back to drugs or why he is always looking for a role model (Strand, Cecilia, etc.). It shows he is just trying to find his place and the walkers fit him in a sense. They just are and roam, like he does because of the void he feels.

The second big flashback was his story with Gloria. It seems she was part of his rehab story but fell back into drugs with him. She cared for him as we get a feeling there was some kind of romance between the two, but then we see her about to use drugs in that church, the same church where the series begins and we see her dead. So it’s pretty safe to assume the drugs that she took (Nick starred at them for a second too) killed her and she came back. While we never get the reason for the virus to spread and begin, we get to see an origin of it with Gloria.

Now Nick is in this new community that has medicine, supplies, and people. He seems happy to see others and he at least is safe for the moment.

The series will air next Sunday with an episode titled Los Muertos which translates to “Day of the Dead” which is really, really foreboding. From the reports we will get to see where Ofelia, Strand, Madison and Alicia are up to. They appear to be headed to that hotel that is locked up….but no one is home….maybe.


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