Top 7 Animes: Number 4

Ah, number four on the list is one of the best known animes around. If you have watched Toonami in the past or just follow the animes in general, you will recognize this one pretty easily. Believe it!

#4 Naruto

It’s all about the top ninja in the Leaf Village, believe it (the English translation is still painful to write). Say hello to Naruto! From 2005 to 2009 the first seasons of Naruto ran on Toonami and Adult Swim, introducing this fun loving ninja and his adventures.

The story follows a young ninja, Naruto, as he grows up to become a ninja and his quest to become the Hokage, the leader, of the Hidden Leaf Village (his home). He is accompanied with many companions including his teacher and leader, Kakashi, a wise and skilled ninja leader that has to help guide him while trying to prepare for all of the enemies that dwell in the world, some of them possessing incredible powers. Then there is his rivalry with Sasuke, an elite ninja that differs from Naruto in every way. It’s a really fun serious that gets very complex and serious in the later episodes as the enemies get stronger and the stakes get even higher.

So why do I love this series? Well, its another anime series that focuses on the old Japanese ways (all feudal weapons and no guns), so its automatically right there for me. A story with ninjas, abilities, fights, incredible music, and an epic story line, it makes for one of the most beloved series out of all of the animes out there. It is one of the biggest ones out there and is still ongoing right now as the story continues to mature over time.



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