Reaction: Fear the Walking Dead “Los Muertos”

Image result for los muertos fear the walking dead

Last night the second episode of the second half of the Fear the Walking season titled “Los Muertos” aired. We finally got to see the second group of survivors (Madison, Ofelia, Strand, and Alicia) and their journey and it got interesting. 

Let’s start with Nick and his story. We get to see a bit more of this colony that he is in and realize that the religious roots are strong. The man sacrificing himself is quite brutal but the people see it as a defense against enemies of the world. Their “wall” protects them (insert a trump joke there). Alejandro, who turns out to just be a pharmacist, explains that the dead are passing through and cleansing the world and when they are done, the selected will remain. A little strange, but it gets better. The episode jumps around a bit, but Nick proves useful with Luciana and helps gain more supplies from the drug dealers and helps the little girl who lost her father that morning. The big reveal happened towards the end here, but let me jump over to Strand et al.

Strand and crew take shelter in a hotel (the military took the Abigail, so that’s now gone) after spending some time looking for Nick (thanks to Madison). Alicia and Ofelia head off to look for supplies and notice that rooms that are filled with walkers have the “Do not disturb signs” on them, so someone has been in the hotel and looked. Strand and Madison get hammered at the bar and Madison reveals that Nick and Alicia’s dad was a drunk and died in a DUI crash, showing she has kept this secret from them for a long time (even Travis). Madison has carried a lot of weight, trying to keep that family together and now with Nick gone, she is not dealing well. Her and Strand get drunk and their noise causes all of the dormant walkers to converge on them. Alicia finds that Ofelia is now missing and that’s not good because she is not mentally sound right now.

So the big reveal at the end of the episode was Alejandro was bitten before, as Luciana says she saw, and he survived! We get to see a huge chunk near his shoulder missing as well, giving some more proof that he may have survived a bite. But how? We all know the zombie process, but this turns it on its head. There are so many questions, but we will have to wait until next week for the episode titled “Do Not Disturb.” The episode shows Alicia meeting a new woman in the hotel as they fight off the dead and we finally move to Chris and Travis and their journey. It should be interesting.


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