Top 7 Animes: Number 1

Here we go, my top anime series and no surprise, it’s Bleach. Yeah, I have a bias for this series, but for good reason. I love everything about it, even the awful fillers (let’s not talk about the Fullbringers, please). 

#1 Bleach

From 2004 to 2012, Bleach aired on the US airwaves, bringing another well known and loved anime series to the US. I remember watching this back in the day on Adult Swim, the series of shows that ran on Cartoon Network starting after midnight. This show when I first saw it had a bunch of animated warriors dressed in the Japanese feudal attire, wielding swords, and battling it out with dark spirits and each other in the spirit world. It peaked my interest because it was so different compared to even DBZ and other animes. It was set in a modern world and the animation was different compared to others.

There are 366 episodes for the series and each one is unique and fun in its own way. The series has a way to mixing very serious moments, battles, and humor all together into a very enjoyable watching experience. It can be very tense for an episode and then provide a quick laugh the next minute. Yes, there are some filler episodes in the 366 that are not as fun, but they do provide more stories and more battles and interaction among the main characters such as Rukia, Ichigo, Renji, and many others. Fillers like the Bount arc are not fan favorites, but they continue the story and have their bright spots here and there.

Give the series a watch. The first 20+ episodes are some of the best and follow the first leg of the story, the substitute shinigami arc that shows how everything fell in place. Once you get into the Soul Society arc and realize who the super villain is, you won’t be able to turn away from the series until the end.


9 thoughts on “Top 7 Animes: Number 1

  1. Bleach is amazing. I still remember trying to watch early episodes in ten minute blocks on YouTube and the translation on the subs would change from episode to episode. So glad I don’t have to watch anime like that anymore. Absolutely love this series.

  2. Agreed, I remember watching the awfully translated episodes and then going to sketchy sites to see the Japanese episodes. I miss the anime so much, it was funny, action packed, and just a great series. I mean, I have a squad 10 logo hanging up in my room, it’s just such a great series.

  3. Very nice. I have a replica Hyōrinmaru on display, first kind of art work I really wanted to set up. I wish the series would return.

  4. I’m someone who has tried to start watching anime for quite some time now but the amount of shows available to chose from is just so overwhelming. There is almost too much choice haha so I’m always trying to read up on them (it is quite a commitment after all) and I’ve seen Bleach pop up quite often now. I’m starting to think that this is the show I’ve been looking for. Great post.

    Would you be interested in sharing your work on Moviepilot and Creators? I’d love to expand on that so feel free to shoot me an e-mail. You can find my details on my blog.

  5. There are a lot of animes out there, some are bigger than others while some have stronger followings than others. Bleach has picked up a lot of chat because the series recently came to an end (the manga at least) after over 10 years, so its why it has gained some reaction.

  6. I love Bleach and I hate Kubo, both at the same time. Bleach is the anime that made me watch anime, the manga that made me read mangas. I am relieved it is over, but I am also sad because of it. It makes me go crazy.

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