Top 7 Ancient Warriors: Number 6

Number six on the list is not well known because history from India is not taught as heavily as other ancients are, but it deserves to be on this list because they were incredible warriors. 

#6 Rajput

Dating to the 6th century, the Rajput were an elite class of warriors (the name translates to “Son of a King.” The Rajput were part of the Hindu Kshatriya (warrior groups) group that came from the Northern part of India (the Rajasthan region) that shares a border with Pakistan.

So exactly who were these guys? Well, they were elite infantry that were used by the Hindu groups in combat across India and when dealing with invading forces. They were highly trained with chain mail armor over their leather gear (usually wore silk robes over that. They were very elite warriors and dressed accordingly). They deployed a circular steel shield with a long sword as their primary weapon. They used a lot of unique weapons as well including a metal throwing disc, three-bladed hand-held weapons and many more. Some Rajput even more a veil over their face in combat, adding to the mystique of them in combat. The Rajput also trained in martial arts and were known for their deadly hand-to-hand combat abilities. They were not some large army that just marched, they were almost like a special forces type of unit that could be deployed.

The Rajput are probably the most “modern” of the ancient warriors in my list (although there is another on the way). They use steel weapons and actually still have a modern day unit in the Indian army that is based off of their skills and ways of life.

They were incredible ancient warriors that few know about. While the show Deadliest Warrior can be a little strange and not accurate all the time, they did show the Rajput using martial arts and some proper armor, so I can’t be too mad about that.


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