Reaction: Fear the Walking Dead “Do Not Disturb”

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Alright, Fear the Walking Dead aired last night with the episode “Do Not Disturb” and it was a great one. We had two stories going on with Travis and Chris and their journey and with Alicia and her struggles. Fear has really got it going with these past three episodes. 

So, where do we start?  Well, let’s begin with Travis and Chris. The two are on the road with Travis hurting because of his feet that are torn up. They find supplies but also some Americans. They run from them after Chris kills two walkers, but after driving for some time (great father and son bonding on the road with the driving lesson) re-meet with the Americans and join up. The Americans, Brandon, Derek, and James, are trying to get home after having a vacation in Mexico but are living it up as they head home. They give Travis and Chris with supplies but Travis is not sure about them while Chris seems real buddy with them.

It gets real interesting when they head to the farm and they confront the farmer. Chris shoots him and the three guys are excited because they know they have an ally that is with them while Travis dies inside knowing his son has gone darker. It’s an interesting story line because Travis is trying so hard to make it and bring his son back to the old ways of life, but he can’t do it and his son has embraced killing the dead and is just enjoying it too much.

The other story that we got this episode was the best part with Alicia and the hotel. At the beginning we got the flash back of the wedding. The wedding was going down and everything was great, but the guest were showing signs of being worried. They told their host, Elena, that after the next dance they were done and would head out because there were fears that the border was shutting down due to the stories of the virus spreading. As the bride, Jessica, danced with her dad, he dies due to a heart attack and turned, biting her face, while Oscar, the new husband, held her. Elena tried to call for help, but the phone died so she walked out with Hector and locked the guest in the room, trying to contain the attack. That is where it all went down and man, that was some great writing and acting.

So we meet Elena, she helps Alicia, saving her from the elevator and they team up to head downstairs to get back Hector (Elena’s nephew) and to find Madison and Strand. They make it down there and we run into Oscar who Elena said there were about a dozen or so guest still alive that were after her and her keys to the resort. They hand over the keys after running into them, but are able to escape with Hector and reunite with Madison and Strand who found a way to get a way. So now we have Madison, Alicia and that team with Elena and their side against the hotel folks. Meanwhile Travis and Chris are at odds in the barn.

So the next episode is titled “Pablo and Jessica” so I have no idea what that is all about. The previews show Alicia et al. moving about the hotel while dealing with the dead. Meanwhile Nick has moved up the ranks in his group and there could be a fling with Luciana but there is also the quick image of drugs, so not sure where he is at. Fear is getting better and I hope fans get on board, it’s getting better.


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