Top 7 Ancient Warriors: Number 5

Number five on my list is not my favorite in the ancient world just because of their tactics, but I still respect their warrior ways and what they accomplished during their time. They were brutal and their legend still echoes across history today, meet the Vikings. 

#5 Vikings

Here come the brutal Viking of the 8th (to the 11th century) that terrorized Europe with their brutal raids and quick strike ability. These Norse seafarers used their legendary longships to wage campaigns across Europe, from England to France, in their pursuit of riches and money. See, the Vikings learned very quickly that there were a lot of targets that could be hit across the coasts of Europe and they were not defended because Europe during this time lacked standing armies that were ready at all times to fight. They could hit these undefended targets during their battle season (when not attending to crops and their homes) and make profits with little effort and return home before anyone could rally a resistance. It’s pretty smart during the Dark Ages time (which is a term that is not very fitting but is known for this era of history).

So what made them such incredible warriors? Well for one, they were very large people from the Nordic countries and were fierce in battle. They attacked with long swords, shields, mail armor, and hit with such speed in areas that were thought to be said that made them even more frightening for ancient people. Their longships that a low keel that allowed them to move up shallow rivers and inland waterways, allowing them to attack areas that no one had thought about before. I mean, they rolled up on Paris and attacked it, that’s pretty incredible and bold.

The Vikings are pretty famous but I must note they were not just a bunch of mindless raiders. They were incredible explorers, navigators, and had a complex society. I mean, they did find the new world first (don’t argue with a grade school teacher though, it could be a long day). The raiding was pretty much an easy way for them to bring home money and riches and it did not take a lot of work for them. They eventually did it to expand their territory in some other areas, but for the most part, their legend was made with their incredible abilities to hit and raid among the best of all time.

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