Top 7 Ancient Warriors: Number 3

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The next warrior group on the countdown created the largest continuous land empire in the world;s history, dating back to 13th and 14th century. Their unique battle style made them nearly unstoppable in the ancient world and earned a place on my list. 

#3 Mongolian Warriors

From the steps of Asia, the Mongolians created a vast empire, using their incredible warriors to do so. From the coast of China to the Mediterranean sea, these horse-back warriors fought, pillaged and terrorized their way into the history books.

So what made these warriors so great? Their armor wasn’t that great, they had the same kind of swords that everyone else did, so what made the Mongols so great? What made them so deadly? It was their ability to ride their horses that first set them apart from any other cavalry the ancient world had at the time. These people were born and trained with their horses from the start. They could fire from a moving point and always hit with incredible accuracy. This is where we will talk about their unique weapon and fighting style that made their horseback warriors so great.

Image result for mongolian recurve bow

Opposing armies feared this weapon.

The recurve bow is the unique weapon that the Mongolians deployed with incredible results. What made the bow was its shorter size, layered design, and accuracy that it could lay down. The bow was powerful and could hit distant targets, but its accuracy is what made it so great. These were ancient sniper rifles that could hit any target with the well trained warriors using them. The Mongolians also used a unique battle strategy on their horses called a feigned retreat. They would appear to be in panic and in a sort of retreat. While doing so, being masters on horseback, would turn back and fire volleys of arrows, making enemies believe they were fading and then strike with their accurate weapon. They would trick enemies, taking out many in these maneuvers, and then charge in, cutting an enemy down.

Mongolians were fierce warriors on foot, using a long sword and eventually mastered siege weapons. They even deployed ancient bio-warfare at times, showing they were able to adapt and advance, but they were always known for this incredible style of combat while on horseback.


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