Top 7 Ancient Warriors: Number 2

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The number two warrior society on my list goes back to my Japanese side and one of my favorite countries to study. These warriors are legendary and their ways are still studied even now. Meet the Samurai. 

#2 Samurai 

Meet the elite warrior class of Japan, the Samurai. Rising up in the 12th century, the Samurai were the elite and wealthy class of the Japanese society, controlling politics, society, and the way of life for everyone (trust me, police couldn’t carry swords because of these guys). They would battle each other, swearing to their feudal lords and battling in their honor. So what made the samurai so great in combat? Well, let’s start with their weapons and armor.

The armor the samurai wore was made of steal plates, harden leather, and covered them from head to toe. They had plates, a helmet and a face guard that was often designed to resemble a demon, striking fear in an opponent. They were well trained with a bow (which they originally trained well with, which was called a yumi), could use spears and other weapons, but the most important weapon they carried was the katana. The katana was a specially built weapon that took months to create, fusing carbon steal into a razor sharp blade that (according to legend) would be rated on how many bodies it could cut through. The blade is considered one of the greatest ancient weapons ever made because it was so sharp, but durable and could flex just enough while handling anything. Samurai used it in combat all across Japan, cutting down fellow samurai and an enemies that stood against their lord or the Emperor.

But what really made the samurai so legendary was their bushido code, their warrior way of life. Much like the chivalry code for the European knights, the code the samurai lived bye was all about honor. Loyalty to their master was their life and honor made up everything to their lives. Everything they did had to be done to perfection. If they lost a battle or dishonored their master or their fellow samurai, a samurai would often take their life, because it was the honorable thing to do instead of living in shame for the rest of their life. Pretty extreme for the the outsider, but for them, it was the only way to go. This loyalty was so important and respected, the code still lives today and is still studied to this day. The Samurai would have made number one on my list, but there is one other warrior group that just edged them out.


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