Top 7 Ancient Warriors: Number 1

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History Channel was pretty accurate here, compared to that 300 movie.

Here we are, the top ancient warrior in my count down of the most bad ass warriors from the ancient world. While the samurai hold a special place in my heart, the final warriors on my list are just legendary and they lived up to the hype that has been built up around them over the years. Spartans, what is your profession?!?

#1 Spartans

Say hello to the greatest ancient warriors (in my opinion) of the ancient world, the Spartans. From the 6th to 4th centuries (BC), the Spartans lived up to their reputation as the most elite warriors not only in Greece, but the ancient world (which would be the Mediterranean world at this point in history).

The Spartans were considered the greatest warriors because their entire civilization was based around war and its army. The state specialized in combat while others worked on everything else. The Spartan citizens, the elite of the society, were all warriors. The lower classes below them did all of the labor from farming to making the armor, allowing the Spartans to focus on nothing but going to war. I mean, every baby was inspected and each child that survived would be put into the most insane training program, the Agoge, which pushed Spartans to become survivors by any means necessary at a childhood age, thus making them the most incredible warriors because they would fight no matter the odds. They were born and raised for one purpose, fight.

So let’s talk about the Spartan warriors themselves. Unlike the 300 movie, they did not walk into battle naked. Instead they wore bronze armor from head to note with the spear and sword at their side. Their giant, round shields allowed them to link up in the phalanx formation, allowing them to protect the man beside them and bash into any enemy that was brave enough to charge into their ranks. The Spartans were masters of infantry warfare and knew how to use their shields to the best. They would line up shield to shield, using their spears to first attack, and would push forward and cut down any enemies. They would then turn to their swords when it got close, always moving forward as a unit.

The Spartans fought in various wars, usually against their fellow Greek city states, but those legendary battles of Thermopylae and Plataea really showed how incredible the Spartans were. It must be noted that in each of those two battles, there were other Greek forces, but it was always the Spartans on the front line and they were always in charge of each battle. They were the elite forces of the ancient world and their legend still remains strong today.

I just want to say thank you for reading this historical series. I had a lot of fun reading up on these ancient warriors and putting together the brief blogs on each of them. I hope to mix the serious with the fun as I continue to put more top series together.

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