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I just wanted to reflect my story on this very somber day of remembrance. We all remember this day in our own ways and I just wanted to reflect where I was on this day 15 years ago because I remember it like it was yesterday. 

I was a freshman in high school and was sitting in art class. I remember the day was just another normal day, working on some random art project with our odd art teacher that was right out of the 70s hippie movement. She was in her office and we were working when she came running into the classroom saying there had been an attack on the World Trade Center in New York. All I knew about the WTC was it was a bunch of giant buildings in NYC, that was it. Our art teacher tried to get the old TV on the wheeled cart on, but we didn’t have any basic cable in the classroom, so we couldn’t see the news and really didn’t know what had happened. Our teacher then said something about an attack on DC, but again, we had no real news.

Class was dismissed and I really don’t remember the next class (maybe gym class) and went to lunch with the vague news of an attack on the US. We sat at lunch, a bunch of teens with no knowledge and began to talk about all the rumors we had heard. We had heard that the WTC was gone, the Empire State building was gone, the White House, Pentagon and other huge buildings were all gone. Rumors were all over the place and I remember seeing several students at the office trying to get their parents to pick them up and were trying to leave school. We joked that afternoon that Deland would be a target and that was why people were trying to leave, not having any clue of what had happened. Maybe our teachers had tried to keep the TVs off, not wanting to scare students. I honestly don’t recall the rest of the afternoon. The classes went by as a blur. I do recall my last class and getting more information that something really bad had happened and a lot of people were dead. I had no way to honestly process it in my mind. Could not figure it out until I get home.

I remember getting home, I think my Mom and Dad were still at work as I got in. I remember sitting on the couch and turning on the news, I think it was CNN and just watching. I remember sitting there for what seemed hours and watching the smoke and replays of the towers coming down. I remember the fear, sadness and anger I felt. It was an odd feeling. I was so sad and had tears in my eyes, but wanted to kill the monsters that had done this. I had no idea why they would do this and no idea who “they” was, but I wanted revenge. It was a blur of a day, I can barely remember talking with my parents trying to get a grip of what was happening.

I just wanted to recount the memory of this day. Its strange how I can recall so many exact memories of this day, a day we will never forget.

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