Airfare matrix approach for Japan

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I’m approaching the planning stages of this trip with a methodical approach. I checking every scenario, every website, and every avenue to find the best deals. This is how I plan to put together the first pricing matrix for the airfare portion.

First, I’m looking at round trip airfare through the big airlines including Delta, United, American Airlines, ANA, and JAL. I am also looking at airfare (round trip) through these same airlines but from different departing cities including Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, Portland (Oregon), San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas, and even Chicago. Tedious, but worth it. I will eventually figure out package deals with hotels and could do it all over again, but for now, I’m sticking to airfare.

The second step is to price everything from the travel websites, including Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia, and Priceline. I could use Kayak but I want to explore each site and see the price differences. I will again look at airfare from other cities. In order to make the other departure sites work, I’ll also be creating a matrix of prices of domestic airlines to those cities and will use Southwest, Frontier, and Jet Blue (along with United and others) to get those prices as well. Everything has to compiled and sorted.

I know prices will change by next year, but its the ground work needed to start getting a budget created. It’s gonna be a lot of work but enjoyable. It will give me a real eye opening pricing guide to see how this trip could all come together.


2 thoughts on “Airfare matrix approach for Japan

  1. Great research! It’s always nice to get a good deal. I’ve always had good luck with Travelocity for intl flights, and once in Japan I’ve used airasia. They tend to be good for prices year round.

  2. It’s the plan, searching everything to find the best deal. So far Travelocity and Expedia have the same rates, but still pulling the numbers!

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