Top 7 Bleach Episodes: Number 7

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It’s how the series came to an end.

Back to my beloved Bleach series as I begin a new Top 7 series, counting down my favorite episodes from the series (even thought of looking through the fillers, yikes). Let’s start at the end and with episode 366 as this fun list begins. 

#Episode 366 – Changing History, Unchanging Heart

The series begins with the end of the Bleach series in episode 366. The episode ends the last arc of the entire anime, the Fullbringer arc, as Ichigo battles Ginjo, defeating him and restoring peace and balance between the real world and Soul Society.

So why do I like this episode so much? Well, it wraps up the final arc in a very poetic way with the first substitute shinigami falling to the newest one but then coming back to Soul Society to request a proper burial for him. Ichigo knows what Ginjo did (he is consider a criminal to the Gotei), but understands what he went through and knows that despite the Gotei not always being honest, they are now a part of his life. Ichigo is given permission to give him a proper burial back in the world of the living, as the Gotei understand where Ichigo stands.

When Ichigo announces he will remain a shinigami substitute, the Gotei are again relieved that he is still on their side and will continue to battle along side them. He is able to take Ginjo back for a proper burial, says a quick good bye to Rukia stating they will see each other again and returns to the human world.The fun scene at the end is Ichigo returning to the world of the living and seeing all of his family and friends there to greet him, knowing all of the trials he has gone through to help bring peace and stability between the two realms.

It’s a nice clean ending to the anime series after a rough arc (seriously, the Fullbring arc was just a rushed series at the end). This episode does a nice job of giving the happy ever after ending for everyone as balance is restored for everyone.

Don’t worry, the next episodes in the countdown are all about combat, so get ready for that.

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