Top 7 Bleach Episodes: Number 6

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Here we go, one of the most fun moments in the entire Fake Karakura town arc. The Gotei are being beaten back, but help is on the way. This was such a great episode because the last minute of the great entrance by this group in the final minutes of the episode. 

Episode 278 – The Nightmare Returns, Revival of the Espada

So at this point in the series, the Gotei are having some success in their final battle against Aizen and his team. Captain Hitsugaya is besting Halibel. Soi Fon has used her bankai on Baraggan, and the lieutenants are holding their own against the Espada. Meanwhile Aizen and crew are kept behind the flames, so everything is going well, right? Well, it is until Wonderweiss shows up with a huge hollow with him. Then, things get real interesting.

Wonderweiss is able to blow away from the flames from Aizen, the ice from Halibel (Hitusgaya’s attacks failed), and the smoke from Baraggan (Soi Fon’s bankai did nothing). Its at this stage that the Espada begin to turn things around on the Gotei with Captain Ukitake being struck down by Wonderweiss in a flash. Kyoraku and the other captains are blasted away and things are looking really bad because all of the early success the Gotei thought they had was now gone. It looks hopeless until the Vizards show up in epic fashion.

The Vizards are a group of former Gotei members that were betrayed years ago by Aizen. They have been waiting for the chance to repay him and this final opportunity is their best chance. In the next episode Shinji, their leader, states they are not allies of the Gotei, but since they have a common enemy, they might as well work with each other.

Overall the episode is fun, but not so much for the Gotei. Honestly, the last few minutes with the Vizards arrivals is my favorite part and helped earn its spot on the list.


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