Fear the Walking Dead Reaction: Pillar of Salt

Image result for pillar of salt fear the walking dead

The latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead episode aired last night titled “Pillar of Salt” as the series continued. Things got really interesting as the stories of all the groups began to come together in various ways. 

So here are some of the notes I put down during the episode. Let’s start with Ofelia because that is a side story that is not really going anywhere with any great speed. She left the group and appears to be heading back to the United State. We got to see her flashback about getting engaged, but did not want to leave her family. In the end of the episode we see her mother explaining why the came to the US just to give her a better life. It’s why Ofelia would never leave them and is probably why she is headed back to the States. Its her family no matter what and its what is driving her. I have no idea what will become of her, but I hope they explain it in the last two episode before the end.

The bigger story that dominated the episode was the situation at the Colonia, the hotel, and how they are now being connected by the Cartel that is going to be after both of them. At the Colonia they are dealing with Francisco and his family leaving. It throws off Alejandro and when Luciana wants to make a move, he questions her. It is obvious that he is rattled and even admits he never wanted to be this great leader, but has been forced to take over. Nick is trying to do what he can to keep the place alive, but its not going well because the Cartel spots him towards the end so they know where they are and you know they will be after them for the drugs and some revenge after Nick shook them down for more water in the last episode. Side note, kudos to Nick for hooking up with the gorgeous Luciana, well done.

As for the hotel, they are growing crops, have power, fishing and even have ice and time for some surfing lessons (that was just dumb, come on). They need medicine after Eileen (that bitch) shanks Strand, forcing Elena and Madison to head to the Cartel to get the drugs to save Strand. We learn that Victor’s brother is one of them and they learn about Nick and the Colonia, so we are finally seeing how they are all coming together towards the end. Madison goes stupid in the end by turning on the generator after she thinks she can still save Nick. I love how Alicia calls her out on it, sending a message that she is not going anywhere and why is Madison doing so much and risking it all for Nick (love how Strand told her to prove it to Madison earlier). At the end we see just Travis seeing the lights of the hotel going out, so he might be headed there, but there was no Chris with him, so that will be decided in the next episode.

The next episode is titled “Date with Death” and the clips show Travis heading towards the hotel (perhaps he meets with everyone) and more importantly we see a lot of people at the gates begging to get inside. Madison appears to be struggling, which could rip it all together. I think the last two episodes will see some deaths, but who will be the question (I hope Alicia, Strand, and Luciana make it, everyone else, good luck. Even you Ofelia, good luck at the border (if there is still one left)).


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