Top 7 Bleach Episodes: Number 1

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Here we are, my favorite episode of all time in Bleach. There are a lot of great ones that didn’t make the list. I mean, I didn’t even cover a Hitsugaya fight, but to me, this one tops them all. Game on, time to save Rukia!

Episode 54 – An Accomplished Oath! Get Rukia Back

Welcome to my favorite episode and what I consider the greatest moment in the entire series, Ichigo saving Rukia in the Soul Society. The entire Soul Society arc is based around Ichigo and crew and their mission to rescue Rukia before she is sentenced to be executed. In this episode, Ichigo is able to fulfill his oath to Rukia that he would save her and in doing so, destroys the Sokyoku, the instrument that was designed to kill her (its the giant fire bird thing).

Why is this so important? Well, we see Ichigo showing incredible power by stopping the Sokyoku, stunning the Gotei captains. It also shows his stance against their old ways, stopping law and order in their eyes while doing what he believes is right despite their rules. It is also a promise and debt he owes Rukia. He must save her because she has done so much for him. He is able to do so and begins to take down Soul Society and its awful ways, changing how everything is viewed (with some help from Ukitake and Kyoraku). They add some humor to it when he throws Rukia to a waiting Renji, but the episode is mostly serious because its such a key moment to the entire arc.

The second best part of this episode is Ichigo owning three lieutenants as Renji and Rukia make their escape. Omeda, Isane, and Sasakibe are ordered to stop Renji but Ichigo steps in without Zangetsu and defeats them simple hand-to-hand combat technqiues. I mean, he beats down three elite warriors (who have gone into their shikais too!) with just his bare hands in a matter of seconds and is still able to regain focus to stop Byakuya who comes flying in to attack him.

To me, this is the best episode. It’s so fun to watch after all these years because its a pivotal point in the entire anime, the fights are great, and there is a little humor mixed in. Make sure to watch this episode if you really want to see a peak moment in the series.


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