Top 7 N64 Games: Number 7

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Come on!

Time for another fun series as we move away from anime and get into some old school video games, going back to the old N64. This console was one of the greatest treasures from my childhood and now its time to run through some of the greatest games, starting with one of the better fighting games in the entire console’s history. 

#7 Fighter’s Destiny

Welcome to one of the best fighting games that was ever put together for the console (I’m talking one on one). Released in 1998, Fighter’s Destiny was an arcade style of fighting game that based finishing moves on a point system. Get 7 stars, move on, pretty simple. Knock outs would be about 2 points while special moves would equal 3 stars, depending on if you could put together the best move while remembering the controller combinations.

It was a fun game that put together a cast of foreign characters against each other in the rink. You had Ryuji, the ninja from Japan, then there was Leon from Spain who was the all around fighter, and Tomahawk an American wrestler. Yes, they are pretty stereotypical, but for the late 90s and it worked for the game and it was fun.

I remember getting this game and playing hours, struggling at times in rounds. I remember the damn cow and then Pierre the frickin clown that were such a pain to fight. I always used Ryuji during the game and had a lot of fun, but there were some tough battles throughout that game that took a ton of hours to get through. It was fun and is still in my memory even to this day.

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