First Japan Flight Matrix

Image result for delta plane at narita

Ah, finally some travel stuff! Here is the first flight matrix that I have put together in regards to the price of flying to Japan (round trip). The totals are based on a November 9th to November 19th model that would create a 10-day trip. The prices are right from the three airlines websites, Delta, American Airlines, and United Airlines. The prices are based on this year’s prices, so I know things will change, but the prices for each flight have been rounded up just a bit to get some even numbers. Sorry you have to open a new link to get it to work!

Click here for the matrix!

So, I learned a few things with this first flight matrix (note that hotels have not been added because that’s the next stage of the trip). I learned that Delta flights to Osaka are simply insane and most of the flights (no matter which airport you fly out of) to Osaka are fairly steep when compared to Tokyo. Some of the cheaper flights from United Airlines are misleading because it would take 3 days (!!) to get to Japan. So, there is a fine line between costs and time it takes to get there. The next matrix is going to be a lot more intense when comparing the travel sites together and what they offer.



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