Reaction: Fear the Walking Dead Wrath & North

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Season two of Fear the Walking Dead wrapped on Sunday with two episodes “Wrath” and “North” as the season ended as well as a few plot lines as well. Here are my thoughts on the characters. 

Let’s start with Ofelia – We see her heading north, crossing the border, but being shot at and then stopped by what appears to be a border patrol officer, but at this stage of the world, who knows what he is up to or his ideas. I’m not sure where Ofelia is headed, perhaps back to LA and home, but her story line just feels like its been left out to dry with no real direction at this point. Perhaps she will (SPOILER HERE) will meet up with everyone at the refugee camp that was spotted at the end.

Nick and Luciana – These two are a great story line and the fact that they are on the same page, not leaving the people of Colonia behind but knowing they had to leave that place before the Cartel showed up was huge. They were able to see through Alejandro but also recognized what the place represented for the people in that town, it was a family (which I think resonated a bit with Nick). the group left together but at the US border, where Nick saw that refugee camp (with a helicopter coming and going) they were attacked again by what looks like border patrol, killing at least one Colonia person, injuring Luciana, and sending the Colonia folks all running for their lives. It’s how the episode North ended, so we have no idea what happens now. Will they let Nick pass and keep Luciana behind the border? She’s injured, but how bad? Lot’s of questions here.

Travis – Man oh man, Travis is unhinged. He was keeping it together physically but internally beating himself up about Chris despite Alicia and Madison (more on her in a bit). Then he sees the lovable bro-migos being thrown out of the hotel. He learns what they did to Chris (let’s be honest, he had it coming) and goes insane and beats them to death (again, well deserved). Travis swore to protect him and failed so all that internal anger just boiled over and eventually cost them their safety in the hotel after Travis killed Oscar who was only trying to stop the fight (question, where is Oscar’s mom? Just under guard?). I’m glad Travis finally took out his anger and appears his character is finally adjusting to this brutal world.

Madison (includes Alicia) – I just flat out hate her. Madison continues to make mistakes after asserting herself as the so-called leader. Flipping on the hotel lights at night drew Travis but the giant crowd that has been at odds with the hotel survivors. Her attachment to Travis (although I get it) led to them being kicked out of the place (and why Strand did not want to leave, he doesn’t want to choose death) and even her attitude towards Alicia. Alicia is a strong character and is dealing with the world, but she is forced to stab a man to save Travis, which affects her, you can see it. As they drive off from the hotel, she tells her she will get through it, nothing else. Um, your daughter who you have treated so coldly and that’s all you can say? Then of course is her stupid obsession with Nick. She cannot let him go and everything she does, which gets everyone screwed over, is for her son. Even after leaving the hotel, the head to the Cartel base and find an address for Colonia where they think Nick may be at. Alicia even says what are you doing? Even after fleeing for your life, your first thought is where is my son that left me? Good lord woman, get it through your thick skull that he is gone. Nick is walking off with Luciana and an entire crew, with zero thought for you. Meanwhile you barely have a relationship with Travis and have pushed your daughter into the cold. She’s a main character but if she could go the way of the Cartel guys that would be awesome (SPOILER, Alejandro takes out the Cartel guys by releasing that army of dead on them.

So its on to season three with Ofelia being captured, Nick and Luciana being caught at the border near a camp, and Madison, Travis, and Alicia heading that way. Strand is at the hotel and that’s about all we have. The new antagonist will be these US guys because the Cartel folks along with anyone on the water are now an after thought. Is Daniel somehow still alive? I have no idea, but I lean towards a no but with a chance he could reappear at some point.

Overall I think the 2nd half of season two was some of the best we have seen from Fear. There was more action, more plot development, and more character development for most of the characters. The series is still not that strong, but has picked it up since season one. Hopefully season three continues the trend or it could be the last one.


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