Note on this Hurricane

Image result for hurricane matthew

Unless you live under a rock, you know about this incredible hurricane off the east coast that is headed towards Florida. I wanted to post this quick blog as a note/message to folks on the east coast of Florida. Get to shelter or gear up because this storm is a monster. The storm is still a category three and could get even stronger before tonight. The entire east coast is under threat and the Governor (as much as I hate him) has put all the resources imaginable into position, but folks need to take this serious. This is not a hurricane party, this is safety.

I have family in Volusia and Orange counties so I am very concerned for them and I know many here in the Bay area are the same. This storm is crazy and a lot of folks are coming this way to escape it. For an example, I went onto Expedia and searched hotels in the area for the weekend and page after page had they were all sold out. I have never seen that before, but it just shows you they type of impact this storm is having. Evacuate, hunker down and stay safe out there!


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