Top 7 N64 Games: Number 5

Image result for turok 2 seeds of evil

Memories, scary, scary memories. The number 5 game on my list is one that puts weapons, dinosaurs, aliens, and a crazy story line all together. Welcome to Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. 

#5 Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

Launched in 1998, Turok 2 was the much anticipated sequel to the famous dinosaur hunter game that made fans fall in love with the character Turok. The sequel puts Turok in the future where he has to help Adon kill aliens called Primagen to help keep the totems in the galaxy safe and keep the world at peace and not let it fall apart. The story was great and I remember so many missions being so intense and tough. For example, while defending a totem, monsters would come from every angle, challenging gamer to keep up and put down fire to save the totem while not dying. I specially remember the first level in the port city and having zero weapons and just having monsters jump out from everywhere, it was not a lot of fun because it was so tough.

What made this game so great was just the weapons you could use. I mean, a hunter kind of warrior wielding a Gatling gun against aliens while riding a dinosaur, it doesn’t get much better for a teen who wants to just blow things up in a video game. I remember this game being pretty intense for a teen though with some moments that would make anyone jump with any alien coming out of no where attacking you. It was a great game and deserves a spot on this list.

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