Top 7 N64 Games: Number 4

Image result for super mario 64

Next on the countdown transformed one of the most iconic games in the Nintendo franchise. Now, Super Mario came to its loyal fans in 3D and man, what a game it was. This is a classic.

#4 Super Mario 64

Released in 1996 (one of the earliest releases for the console), Super Mario 64 took the famous Nintendo icon and threw him into a  new 3D world as he chased down the evil Bowser after he kidnapped Princess Peach (what else is new, seriously, she needs some body guards or something).

What made this game so much fun was being able to interact in so many 3D worlds with Mario, jumping around, climbing trees, swimming, flying, and battling the enemies and getting to use the new open world to attack or just run away. The plot is decent with Peach inviting Mario over for a new cake she just made (calm down, it’s Nintendo), but Bowser kidnaps her. Its a basic plot, but the unique worlds, missions, and environments make it so great. Most levels have increasing levels of intensity, providing a challenge even for the experienced Mario veteran.

I’ll be honest, I’m a casual Mario brothers fans, as in they are not my favorite Nintendo franchise out there (Link for life) but this game is great. I grew up with the NES and Super Mario Brothers 3, which was the first game that really got me into the franchise. I love that game and consider it one of the best but this one takes the cake. It’s a beautiful game that even now can hold its own against the tons of other Mario games that are out there. Hearing that iconic “Here we go” brings back the memories that everyone in my generation grew up with.

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