Streamlining the Social Media

This blog avoids sports these days! Yes, this is true, but I needed a quick platform to talk about the shift in my social media accounts.

By the end of the year, I will no longer be tweeting from  The Bull Rush Twitter account . The old blog is gone, I write for now, so the TBR account doesn’t really make any sense these days. It was fun, but I’m shifting all my focus to my main, personal account, @USFMatt. If you have been following the USF games over the past months, you will have noticed the shift. Less tweets on TBR, more on my personal account.

I am little sad to walk away from TBR, but it’s all about moving forward. I will leave the account up, maybe you remember any angry rant I had a while ago and want to go back down memory lane, so it will stay active.

So, I know I have repeated this again and again, but I wanted to say it one more time, follow me @USFMatt moving forward. Follow me, I will follow back, simple as that.

I’m stream lining my social media foot print and blogging moving forward. Its all this blog and moving forward and one Twitter account to cover it. I will tweet this story a few times so I hope everyone follows along, again I will extend the gesture back, and as always, I appreciate the support!

Update on the blog

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So to say I’ve been inconsistent on this blog goes without saying. Well, it will continue to be that way for a bit but I’m hoping to really get things turned around in December. I will begin by wrapping up my Top 7 N64 games and then might be getting back to some Bleach stuff. Will Japan talk return, that remains to be seen at this point.

I’ve really gotten away from what I love to do and need to get back to that. This blog is suppose to be fun and not a chore. I am hoping to clean up some things across social media and streamline everything. Wish me luck on that!

Just in time for Thanksgiving!

Ah, Pentatonix! If you don’t know by now, they are my favorite music group around and a day before Thanksgiving, they decided to drop a new music video to get everyone more into the holiday spirit. This one is titled “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” and as always, it’s simply incredible.

For some reason, Christmas songs and Pentatonix are just made for each other. Every song they have done over the past three years has been incredible. I know many think its too early for Christmas stuff, but get into the holiday mood and enjoy another classic.

And of course, Happy Thanksgiving!

Top 7 N64 Games: Number 3

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Like I said, getting back to it! Time to fire up the top seven lists and return to the top seven N64 games of all time.

Number three on the list takes us into an epic space battle with a squad of interesting fighters as they battle to save the Lylat system. Hope into your space ships and join the crew for Star Fox 64.  Continue reading

Reaction: The Walking Dead “Service”

Image result for the walking dead service episode

“Little pig, little pig, let me in”

As I said, I’m getting back to this thing. Last night the episode titled “Service” aired on AMC as Negan and his band of merry men arrived early to Alexandria to take half of what they want. It was an intense episode that set in motion the rest of the season as characters begin to hash out how they are reacting after the opening episode.  Continue reading

Getting back to this

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Well, I’ve been on quite the extended break on this blog. Before I left to Las Vegas a few weeks ago I decided to take a break from the blog and just focused on sports blogging for the other sites and let this one sit ideal. Well, after putting away the Oregon blog ideas (I just don’t have the time to cover two sports programs), I have been wanting to get back to work here.

I’ll keep the fun top seven blogs going and will react to other things that happen around Florida and especially Tampa, stepping into the political and other big news stories of the world when it calls for it. As you can see, I’ve already updated the blog template and will be trying to dedicate more time to the blog to make it more entertaining and contain better material for the readers. Heck, might even see a Facebook group appear at some point for this little project of mine. Well, here we go, back to work!