Getting back to this

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Well, I’ve been on quite the extended break on this blog. Before I left to Las Vegas a few weeks ago I decided to take a break from the blog and just focused on sports blogging for the other sites and let this one sit ideal. Well, after putting away the Oregon blog ideas (I just don’t have the time to cover two sports programs), I have been wanting to get back to work here.

I’ll keep the fun top seven blogs going and will react to other things that happen around Florida and especially Tampa, stepping into the political and other big news stories of the world when it calls for it. As you can see, I’ve already updated the blog template and will be trying to dedicate more time to the blog to make it more entertaining and contain better material for the readers. Heck, might even see a Facebook group appear at some point for this little project of mine. Well, here we go, back to work!


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