Reaction: The Walking Dead “Service”

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“Little pig, little pig, let me in”

As I said, I’m getting back to this thing. Last night the episode titled “Service” aired on AMC as Negan and his band of merry men arrived early to Alexandria to take half of what they want. It was an intense episode that set in motion the rest of the season as characters begin to hash out how they are reacting after the opening episode. 

I won’t sit here and recap everything that happened, but man oh man, Negan made his presence known to the Alexandria group while Rick was frozen in fear. Even when he had his chances to swing Lucille at Negan, he couldn’t and Negan knew he wouldn’t make a move. Rick won’t put anyone’s life on the line anymore, he just won’t. Although it was interesting when he confront Spencer over hiding the guns. He still showed his leadership of Alexandria despite Negan being in full control of everything. The admitting of Shane and Judith at the end was also interesting as Rick finally admits it all, he’s really having to face the cold new reality.

Probably the most plot-moving part was with Rosita. She is beaten down, tormented by Dwight and Negan and at the end, has to put Spencer in his place. She is angry and goes to Eugene at the end and demands he make bullets for her. She, along with Carl, are probably some of the few characters that have openly tried to stand up to Negan and his men (well, not much for Rosita, but not bowing to them). You can tell that some of the people in Alexandria want to fight even if Rick is not quite there yet. Even Father Gabriel scares the crap out of Negan because he is so jolly and still wearing his Priest gear (probably one of the funniest scenes in the episode).

Lot of people are upset after this episode because there wasn’t a lot of fighting, not a lot of blood or real action (aside from Negan and Michonne proving she can’t hit the broad side of a walker with a rife), but you are missing the point. This entire episode was just another step in laying out how screwed Rick and Alexandria are. This group of armed men just walked in, took everything they wanted, went through their houses and personable belongings and treated everyone like meat. It was all psychological not just for Rick but for everyone. Negan is all about breaking people and making them his personal slaves, just like Daryl is to him now. This was Negan’s way to breaking down an entire town and it worked. The scene at the end of all the mattresses that Negan’s group took being burned was just the final note to the viewers that this call that Negan made was more about sending a message, not the supplies that they took.

Next week’s episode is titled “Go Getters” and it appears Negan’s group is now taking out their anger on Hilltop where Maggie is recovering. Negan thinks she is dead and it could lead to more issues unless Jesus steps in.



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