Top 7 N64 Games: Number 3

Image result for star fox 64

Like I said, getting back to it! Time to fire up the top seven lists and return to the top seven N64 games of all time.

Number three on the list takes us into an epic space battle with a squad of interesting fighters as they battle to save the Lylat system. Hope into your space ships and join the crew for Star Fox 64. 

#3 Star Fox 64

Released in 1997, Star Fox 64 was one of the early hits for the console as it brought the expansion rumble pack into full use. Now the user would feel the impact of any collision taken in the game, changing the video game world just a bit.

The game was based around the hero, Fox McCloud, and his partners as they battled across the Lylat system. Joined by a rabbit named Peppy, a frog named Slippy, and Falco a Falcon with an attitude problem, that all teamed up with Fox to do battle with space ships and even some land battles.

This game was just so much fun. You got to pilot a space ship armed with lasers, missiles and all other types of weapons, had a team of characters that would help support you (or just die off real fast or get in the way every time you fired, LOOKING AT YOU PEPPY) and you got to fly around space, destroying aliens. I mean, what else would you want for a teenager?

This game is a fan favorite because it was so good. The cinematic scenes were great, the graphics were about as good as they got for any N64 game, and the battles were just a ton of fun in this world. I really have been trying to find this game (without paying a ton for it) to relive some of the great old memories with it, but it has not been easy to do.


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