TWD Reaction: “Swear”

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Time to get back to these reaction blogs and my favorite TV series, the Walking Dead. Last night “Swear” aired with the return of Tara and Heath on their two week supply run and things got pretty interesting as the plot got more developed. 

Alright, Tara and Heath were back as we found out what happened to them during their supply run away from Alexandria. It turns out they had little luck finding anything and went beyond the range they had set before leaving. The episode starts with Tara washed on shore and two girls, Rachel and Cyndie, finding her. Cyndie helps her while Rachel wants to kill her because its the way they work, setting up for an interesting group.

Tara eventually finds the group and gets caught snooping around. Tara then learns that the Saviors killed all the men of this group, forcing them to flee and hide out in the woods, shooting anyone that comes upon them. They allow Tara to leave, but attempt to kill her because no matter what they say, they fear Tara will rat them out and they will have to face Negan and his group. Side note, they knew all about Negan, the outpost, etc. before Tara even mentioned it. Cyndie, who I like already as a character for down the line, helps Tara escape, but Heath is already gone. Heath said at the beginning of the episode that he gets it now, its all about surviving no matter what the cost so you can live on. Its obvious he takes this to heart because he is long gone and doesn’t even try to find Tara.

Tara is forced to walk back and has to learn about everyone’s fate, including Denise and the others. She is devastated but won’t rat out the seaside community. No matter what though, as fans, we should keep them in mind moving forward because they do play a big role later down the line if the story gets to that point.

The episode next week is titled “Sing me a song” which sounds like it will be more about the Saviors and my boy, Negan. In the previews we see Jesus and Carl in the Savior’s truck getting close to their hangout and in another scene we get Michonne whistling and drawing in walkers as she walks down a street for some reason. It should all be about getting supplies and more into the Saviors and probably more of their gang.

There are a few folks not happy with this episode because it was all Tara and background, but that is what is was meant to do. Its all building up for the conflict that we all know is coming. We are getting to see the lines drawn, the bigger world, and who will get involved in this fight that we all want to happen.


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