2017, let’s make this happen

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2017 begins tomorrow. It’s beyond cliche to laugh at New Year’s resolutions and many laugh at them. Then there are those who will mock those who mock those who talk about resolutions. Well, I don’t care, I have several of them and want to archive them to the internet because I need a kick in the ass to get 2017 started right. Continue reading


Ranking the Star Wars Movies: Number 8

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“I call it aggressive negations” No, I call it awful acting and script writing.

Here we go, ranking the Star Wars movies, starting with the worst one in the series to the best. There are seven Star Wars movies, Episodes I through VII and of course, Rogue One. Here we go, number 8 in this list, Episode II, Attack of the Clones.  Continue reading

Scheduling note

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Hey readers, scheduling note for this week and next week. I am holding off on the top seven Bleach characters I despise and will resume that series in about two weeks. Instead, I am hoping to get a new series, counting down the Star Wars movies and how they rank all time. Which is the best and which is the worst? I will admit, after watching Rogue One I am hyped on the series and want to capture lightning in a bottle.

I’m hoping to get a few of these blogs up this week, but once it hits Friday, I am off the grid for the holiday and won’t come back to the blog until Tuesday after Christmas is over. We all need to enjoy the holiday so blogging definitely takes a back seat during this time of the year. I’m excited to list my rankings of the Star Wars movie. I’m sure to upset some fans and can’t wait to open that up!

Reaction: Rogue One is Epic

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Don’t mess with a blind monk.

So, I went today to see the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One. I entered the theater having a basic knowledge of the plot and knew what the story was about (stealing the Death Star plans). After watching it though, even knowing what I did, I was still blown away. This reaction won’t have spoilers, just a general reaction to the great movie.  Continue reading

Rogue One on Saturday!

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Long live the Alliance.

Ah, I can’t wait for Saturday morning! Tomorrow I will be seeing Rogue One: A Star Wars Movie, the day after it has opened across the nation.

I saw the Force Awakens last year and loved it. We got Poe, Rey, Finn, BB-8, lost Han (spoiler alert), but it amazing as the series came back to life with new characters, new life, and even more fun. But this one is going to be different. In fact, if it lives up to the hype, it could be the realest Star Wars movie and let me explain my reasoning for this.

In the past, we have had the Jedi, Luke, Yoda, Obi-Wan, and many others. Well now, they don’t exist in this movie. In their place and in place of the regulars we have learned to love over the years, is a group of rebels, people that have to fight with their own wits and abilities and must complete a task that is thought near impossible by the Alliance. Jyn Erso and her crew have to get the plans for the Death Star and well, that should be impossible, but we know they do succeed. Yet what cost will they pay? Will they be taken by the Empire?

I can’t wait to see this film and from what I’m reading, its already living up to the hype. I’m prepared for a more gritty, down and dirty, war type movie compared to the Jedi and mystic powers we have grown accustomed to in the previous movies.