TWD Reaction: “Sing Me a Song”

Image result for Sing Me a Song walking dead

Sides are forming as the eventual war draws closer.

Here we go, the latest episode of the Walking Dead aired last night. The episode was titled “Sing Me a Song” and it was a great one with Negan showing off to Carl while others began to show signs of at least coming up with ideas to fight back. Here is a quick run down of my thoughts.

If you have read the comics, then you know what is going on with Carl and Negan. Carl wanted to end the fight but instead Negan took him under his wing because he had respect for someone to openly defy him. As the episode goes on, we get to see how the Saviors really operate and the scale of how big their group is. Carl gets to see all the wives, gets to see how Negan tortures a guy, and just walks away with a laugh. Negan is all about the mental game with people that challenge him and its how he keeps Dwight and so many in line. Through forcing Carl to sing and showing him his damaged eye, the mental game breaks Carl.

While the story focused on Carl, Negan, and then back to Alexandria, the real plot development was the laying out of the chessboard for the future conflict with Negan. We have Jesus who scouted their location (key for later). We had Rick and Aaron heading for supplies and finding the boat surrounded by the walkers in the water (KEY). We had Michonne setting a casual trap of walkers to force a Savior to take her to Negan (nice). Then we had Rosita getting her bullet and showing she is not afraid to die (while Eugene is horrified at the idea). The funniest pairing that broke down was Father Gabriel and Spencer. Gabriel called him out on his shit and left, leaving Spencer to go track down some supplies that he is eager to give to Negan (wants to be the lap dog and kill Rick at this stage).

Overall it was a really great episode as the chess board, as I said before, is now being set. The sides are forming up and from what we got to see in the previews for the mid-season finale next week, we get the Kingdom back into it as they show they are tired of Negan and his ilk. We are headed for all out war, that is obvious, but we might have one more person die before it all goes down. If I had to bet on it, I would guess a member of Alexandria is going down, but we will have to wait and see. On to the next episode!


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