Next series of blogs: Back to Bleach

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Oh we will talk about you, don’t you worry.

Here’s a quick little update on two series of blogs that are coming along in the near future. I will be posting other blogs here and there (holiday stuff, gift wrapping, or whatever else I want) but the next two top seven series will be getting back into my beloved Bleach series.

In the past I have talked about favorite captains or favorite moments in the series, but now I want to flip to the other side and talk about some of the characters I hate the most in the series and some of the sadder moments in the anime. Sounds gloomy but it’s just the other side of the fence and something fun to talk about. For example, I am not a fan of Soi Fon. Some love her, I’m not on board and that could be a blog about my reasoning behind it. I will be adding a lot more content, including more top seven, perhaps Japan, politics, and whatever else is going on. So stay tuned as I continue to put my effort into this blog to get it where I want it.


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