TWD Reaction: “Hearts Still Beating”

Image result for hearts still beating walking dead

Rosita, you may need more than one bullet.

The Walking Dead hit the mid-season finale last night and in that 90 minute special, the battle lines were drawn for good. Two characters died, Rick got his mojo back, and now the resistance to Negan really begins.  

Where to start with this episode? Well, for one, all of Negan’s actions came to a head last night as he put down two more of the Alexandrians in front of everyone. Spencer’s ploy failed and Olivia had to suffer Negan’s wrath because of Rosita’s failed attempt at his life (Lucille took the bullet for him). It also cost Eugene as he now heads to the Saviors because he was able to make a bullet out of scrap.

He will have a vacancy after Daryl was able to escape with some help, but we don’t know who but I would assume Sherry maybe? Daryl takes his rage out on fat Joey who is willing to let him go before regrouping with Jesus and making a run for it. I found it really interesting that Joey would be so fearful of the sight of Daryl but it shows how that group changes when Negan isn’t around keeping everyone in line. There were several Saviors drinking and playing cards, something Negan wouldn’t allow if he was there.

There was a little humor in the episode. Maggie asking about the apple and the guard telling Gregory to give it to her because she is pregnant. Then there was supper with Negan. Him sitting with Carl, Olivia, and Judith and asking Carl to pass the rolls was hilarious and also scary to watch because Negan is such a insane.

So now the sides have been set in motion and with the next episode in February titled Rise, we know what is happening. Rick and crew went to Hilltop and met with Maggie and her team. Rick also got his gun back which is such a symbol that its time to fight along with getting his best fighter, Daryl, back in the fight. We also know that Jesus will take Rick to the Kingdom where Richard is already pushing for war against the Saviors. All out war is coming so enjoy the winter break because when the series returns, the bullets will start flying.



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